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Feedbacks of faculties

I appreciate Aptech for an opportunity to learn newest technologies and get certifications on software programming and Internet technologies. Usually we work with students several courses, so we manage to know each other well and become real friends. We care about our students and they like Aptech for its methodology of combining classes and constant practise
Yulia Kozlova
Aptech ACCP Faculty
Tver State Technological University
Tver, Russia
I received an opportunity to teach in the International educational centre, having raised the level of my skill and got the Aptech certification. Teaching in the centre is totally standardized and there are special teachers books which help me to give the material. Materials of the courses correspond to the newest market tendencies as they are periodically updated. I believe that due to Aptech our graduates will be able to implement their professional skills.
Korovina Olesja Vladimirovna
Ive been working in Penza Aptech centre for about a year. During the work Ive received new knowledge and new friends. Id like to state the high level of students education quality. Each of them is worked with individually. Education is adopted for the student, not on the contrary. I believe this factor is the most important as the knowledge the faculty gives are mastered very well. Id like to notice the friendly and open staff which reaches all the goals in congruence. Each faculty of the centre regularly visits courses of raising their skills, learns about new spheres and so the level of education increases every year and subject bases are renewed and updated. Id like to speak positively about the administration of the centre which immediately reacts to the faculties wishes and provides all necessary resources for bettering Aptech students education.
Zhulev Ivan Olegovitch
Aptech faculty

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